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Anti-Bullying Policy Pentathlon GB's attitude and reaction to bullying behaviour
Case Management Flow Chart
Case Management Group
Case Management Process
Coaches Code of Conduct Codes of conduct and behaviour required for all Modern Pentathlon coaches
Code of Conduct & Ethics The core values underpinning Pentathlon GB
Code of Conduct for Athletes Behaviour expected of athletes in Modern Pentathlon
Code of Conduct for Chaperones
Code of Conduct for Club Officers
Code of Conduct for Team Managers
Code of Conduct for Technical Officials
Comprehensive list of Pentathlon GB Safeguarding documents
DBS Consent
DBS Flowchart This flow chart illustrates how Pentathlon GB assesses whether a position requires a DBS check
DBS Regulations Managing the Applicant Only Disclosure and Continuous Updating
Electronic Communications (including social networking)
Employment of Ex Offenders
Freelance Coach Information details
Frequent Asked Questions and Answers
Guidance for Young People Guidance for how to behave towards other athletes in Modern Pentathlon
Guidance Notes for Managing Challenging Behaviour
Guidance Notes For The Appointment Of Coaches, Officials & Volunteers
Hi 5 - Safeguarding Children-Policy and Procedures What abuse is, how to recognize it, how to report instances of abuse, how it is managed and will be dealt with within Pentathlon GB
Information for those against whom a complaint of poor practice or an allegation of abuse has been m
Information sharing Protocol
Informed Consent Form Form to grant permission for one-to-one coaching where necessary
Is something worrying you
Late Collection of Children
Organising away trips for children and adults at risk
Parents' Code of Conduct Guidance for the behaviour of parents at events and towards other athletes etc.
Pentathlon GB Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead Officer Roles and Responsibilities
Photography and Videoing Pentathlon GB's policy to use of cameras and videos at training and events
Physical Restraint Guidelines on Physical Control and Restraint of Children and Young People
Policy Statement
Protocol for Information Sharing
Quick Guide to Pentathlon GB Safeguarding Adults Policies & Procedures
Quick Guide to Pentathlon GB Safeguarding Policies & Procedures
Regulated Activity Pentathlon GB's Definition of Regulated Activity
Reporting Concerns Flow Chart Flowchart outlining how to report a concern about a child
Responding to Disclosures & Allegations Detailed description of how to respond to a disclosure of abuse made to you
Responding to Disclosures Flow Chart Flowchart outlining how to respond to a disclosure of abuse made to you
Role and responsibilities of the Regional Welfare Officers
Routes a complaint may follow
Safeguarding Adults-Policy and Procedures Policy and Procedures
Safeguarding Disabled children in Modern Pentathlon
Safeguarding Guidance Notes and Checklist for Competition Organisers
Safeguarding Incident Report Form
Safeguarding Posters
Self-Declaration and Disclosure Form
Spectators' Code of Conduct Guidance for the behaviour of spectators at events
Storage of DBS Disclosures
Suspension Suspension of Individuals Pending an Investigation Guidance for Clubs
Transport and Overnight Accommodation
Useful Books Useful Publications on Safeguarding in Sport and Child Protection
Useful Websites Useful Websites on Safeguarding in Sport and Child Protection
What is Abuse of Adults?
What is Child Abuse? This document sets out to describe the various forms of abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect and seeks to position racism and bullying within this framework.
Whistle Blowing Policy Pentathlon GB's policy to those wishing to make disclosures confidentially