Performance Centre

In 1998, as part of the Pentathlon GB Performance Plan, it was identified that there was a need for a high class training centre with world class coaches for Modern Pentathlon if our athletes were to compete with the best in the world.

Following a review of the athletes' individual training programmes, support services, various sites and locations in the UK, the National Performance Director submitted a draft planning document to UK Sport and Sport England.

Within the plan it was recognised that there would be limited resources available from UK Sport and Sport England and therefore a decision was made to concentrate these resources in one location.

The University of Bath and its Department of Sports Development, which has had a long history of involvement in Modern Pentathlon, invited Pentathlon GB to become one of the founder sports of the English Institute of Sports Training Village project in early 1999.

High Performance Centre for Modern Pentathlon

A state of the art Fencing Hall and Electronic Shooting Range for Modern Pentathlon were designed and built alongside an existing 50m Swimming Pool and Athletic Track. This centre, opened in 2004 in one location, formed an ideal training base for top British Modern Pentathletes.

The Sports Training Village is located on the University of Bath campus comprising world class training venues for fencing, shooting, swimming, running and conditioning. The English Institute of Sport and the University have been continuously developing athlete support areas which include applied sport science, sports injury and medicine, with a support team that includes world class physiotherapists, masseurs, physiologists, sports psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches and video analysts, who have worked with the UK's top athletes and coaches to improve performance.

The University of Bath is one of the highly recognised educational institutions in Great Britain. Athletes eligible for the Performance Programme have the opportunity to combine their academic preparation with a professionally managed training programme.

The National Training Centre in Bath hosts the National Ranking Competitions each year and in 2015 will host the European Championships. It is undoubtedly the most compact venue for a major international event anywhere in the world.

A new Laser-Run event training shooting range has been built in 2015 adjacent to the outdoor 400m running track.

Pentathlon GB and the athletes it trains are very grateful for the support generously provided by the British public via Sports Lottery and Exchequer funding in preparations for the Olympic Games.