Identifying and Developing Talent

ETP to PGB Pathway Talent Programme

Athletes meeting the entry eligibility criteria laid down in the Entry and Exit Policy are invited to attend the PGB Pathway Talent Identification (TID) series of camps held each year after the National Triathlon.

Having completed the battery of tests designed by the PGB Performance Team and Scientist from the English Institute of Sport, athletes are considered based on their results and performance for a place on the PGB Pathway to Excellence Programme.

Consideration Process

The foundation of the Pathway Talent Programme for onward transfer to Podium Potential is an athlete’s physical performance in the swim, run and shoot as these disciplines are required for a young athletes first UIPM International experience, the Youth B European Championships (Swim and Laser-Run Event (CE)).

At the conclusion of the Pathway TID Series athletes are profiled against the Performance Model of previous successful British Youth athletes to give an indication of that athletes future potential.

Coachability, age, commitment, potential to improve and access to training are also taken into account.

Following Selection

Successful athletes that are offered a place on the PGB Pathway to Excellence Programme are given a 3 month period of confirmation which allows the athlete to attend Talent Camps and confirm 'we are for the athlete and the athlete is for us'.

There is an expected progression profile that outlines what the performance standards the athlete should be achieving after 12 months on the PGB Pathway to Excellence Programme. These standards are used as a baseline during the 12 month assessment and first annual review of the athlete.