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SportsAid raises money to help talented athletes achieve their ambitions. For modern Pentathlon these athletes are nominated by PGB. Established in 1976, the charity has helped many of the UK's most successful sportsmen and women and currently supports around 1,500 of the nation's brightest prospects every year. Its patron is Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.


Nominations for SportsAid Awards are made between October and the end of November each year. These are made by PGB to SportsAid.


SportsAid aims to give an award to every athlete nominated but please note that this is not always possible. As a result it is important that parents and athletes understand that a nomination is not always a guarantee of an award. Most awards are made before May the year after nomination but the charity is fundraising all year round so they can potentially be made anytime up to the next nomination window. If an athlete does not receive an award it is not a reflection on their performance.

Funding partners will always go to the PGB website and look at the athlete's profile of the athlete they are considering to fund. It is absolutely vital that the profile for WCTP and ETP athletes are up to date, complete and promotes the athlete in positive way.

SportsAid's aim is to give every athlete an award of £1,000 but some awards can be smaller than this if a funding partner chooses to spread their support more widely. When this happens it is beyond the charity's control so in these cases the value of the awards the athletes receive should not be seen as a reflection of their performances or abilities.

Successful athletes will be notified by PGB once they have been accepted for an award.


SportsAid always focuses on higher priority athletes first but if funding does become available for a lower priority athlete more quickly for any reason, the charity will take advantage of this opportunity.

More Information

For more information about SportsAid Awards and the nomination process, please contact PGB Headquarters admin@pentathlongb.org