Athlete's Charter


Our continued success in the future as a sport is through a closely-knit partnership where we all work together to help develop a strong, well respected, successful sport. The Pathway to Excellence Programme of Pentathlon GB is responsible for the Pathway to Excellence Pathway within the Olympic disciplines of Modern Pentathlon.

Through the Pathway to Excellence Programme we are planning and establishing a new programme and initiatives that will provide clear winning pathways for our young athletes and help them aspire to your level of performance. It is because we want to help you and every talented athlete reach their full potential, that we feel it is important in 2013 and beyond, to introduce a document in which we openly clarify our respective responsibilities.

This Charter should be seen as a step forward in your development. Its main purpose is to clarify our desire and commitment to help you plan and develop your athletic career as a nominated and selected performing athlete. The Charter summarises the services that we intend to provide to you and informs you of our policies and procedures. It also indicates the responsibilities that we want you to observe as one of our leading young athletes. The Charter also lists certain obligations that are a requirement of the UIPM.

Pentathlon GB has managed to secure funding for our Pathway to Excellence Programme from UK Sport and Sport. Funding does not come without responsibilities and in return for Lottery and Exchequer Funding, as a sport, we are expected to achieve specific performance targets in various major championships and competitions each year.

Funding enables us to provide and co-ordinate services that will help you develop your athletic career. During your career with Pentathlon GB you will probably have already benefited directly from these services either nationally or regionally. We hope that this will continue.

Membership of Pentathlon GB Pathway to Excellence Programme in 2013 is conditional on entering into this Charter as it confirms the responsibilities of all parties working at a World Class level. You should therefore carefully read the statements and consult the Pathway Programme Manager if there is anything you do not fully understand. When re-selected or as a new programme athlete you will be required to sign in agreement to the Charter.

Download the charter in pdf format.