“Great competition experience” for Bradley and Myles at the 2017 Jnr European Championships

Another hot morning in Barcelona today saw the two GB athletes give a breath- taking performance in the pool at the start of the Men’s Relay at the 2017 Junior European Championships.

Myles Pillage and Bradley Sutton out classed the other competitors with a swim time that put them 7 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed Hungarian duo.  Their time of 1:44:04 was even more impressive when you realise that Myles is only 19 and Bradley the ripe old age of 18!  Their Performance Coach, Frici Foldes said of the swim “it was impressive to see and we knew going into the competition that this pair were potentially going to give the fastest swim time”.

The Plymouth and Basingstoke duo started their fencing in fine form and, under the careful watch of London 2012 Olympian Mhairi Spence, were expected to hold their own with a steady 50:50 ratio.  Myles' final fencing score of 11V:11D followed this game plan with Bradley not having his best day on the piste with a final fencing score of 9V:13D. This put them in 7th place overall going into the Show Jumping phase with still everything to play for.

It was in the Ride phase that our sport of Modern Pentathlon really showed what a roller-coaster ride it can be!  Bradley completed his round of 9 fences cleanly but when he entered the Change Over box Myles' horse took umbrage, gave an unexpected rear and unseated Myles.  Frici Foldes said “Nobody thought Myles would get back on because he landed on his back in a flower pot but he showed his determination, remounted and rode his round”  Even with Myles' determination and Bradley’s clear round, this unfortunate incident meant that the pair ended the ride phase having dropped 70 MP points – a combination of penalties and time faults.

The Laser Run saw them starting in 10th place overall and it was a “fast field of competitors” according to Frici.  Bradley’s 2nd shoot was “perfect” seeing him achieve 5 out of 5 green lights.  But the duo just had a bit too much work to do and with their run time of 11:27:12 saw them complete the competition in 10th place overall.

Frici Foldes summarised the day by saying “If we hadn’t had the problem with the difficult horse the boys were in good shape to get in the top 6  However, it was the first time these two have competed in a Men’s Relay at a Junior Championship so the experience has been invaluable for them”. 

Posted in News, Events, European Championships, Competition News, Performance news on Jun 30, 2017