British & German youth teams enjoy day at Pentathlon GB's National Training Centre

29 British and German youth pentathletes spent the day at our National Training Centre in Bath today as part of a week-long training camp during half term.

An intensive day at the University of Bath’s Sports Training Village began with the youngsters completing a laser-run training session under the guidance of Pentathlon GB Performance Coach Frici Foldes. The session also included relay practice, a key skill on the international stage.

The group then completed some stretching and flexibility work under the guidance of German coaches Robby Trapp and Janek Jagodzinski before enjoying lunch in the Sports Training Village café, sharing the space with many of the top class international athletes that train in Bath.

The afternoon saw the athletes have a fencing free-play session in the world class fencing facilities at the Pentathlon GB performance centre. After a long day in Bath, the youngsters returned for a quiet evening at the Premier Inn in Twigworth, where they are staying for the duration of the camp.

This year’s training camp began on Saturday when the 11 German athletes took part in the second British National Youth Ranking Competition of 2017, providing international competition for our British athletes.

The GB youngsters who have been selected for the training camp then came to watch the second Senior and Junior Ranking Competition of the year on Sunday, including helping out at the ride.

Yesterday, the two teams trained at Hartpury College, one of our Pentathlon GB Academies, where the day was led by Frici and Pentathlon GB Pathway Coach Laura Gomersall.

The twenty-nine Under 19 and Under 17 aged athletes will return to Hartpury over the next two days for further training programmes led by Robby and Pentathlon GB Pathway Manager Stuart Mason respectively. These sessions will include further laser-run and fencing training with the international season now less than a month away.

German Youth Coach Robby Trapp explained that “The whole week is a wonderful experience for athletes from both nations ahead of the international season. The camp gives our athletes a rare opportunity to train with pentathletes from another country and to make friends that they will see later in the year.”

Robby added that “Many of the athletes on this camp will be competing at the GB Youth International on March 4th so we look forward to seeing everyone compete against each other then.”

Pentathlon GB Pathway Manager Stuart Mason continued that “We always look forward to this annual event as it gives our athletes valuable experience fencing against their German counterparts, something they are unable to do on a regular basis.

“International Training Camps play a vital role in the development and progression of an athlete’s skills. They also provide a fantastic opportunity for personal development with the team able to socialise with athletes from different cultures.”

All of the Pentathlon GB Youth athletes will leave the camp after training on Thursday with the German team spending an additional day at Hartpury on Friday before flying home on Saturday.

Posted in News, Events, Performance news on Feb 14, 2017