9th place for Harper and Collin as Jnr Euro Champs come to a close

The mixed relay duo of 20 year old Sarah Collin and 19 year old Jamie Harper did themselves proud in Barcelona this weekend with both of them coming back into International competing after a break from competitions of this level.

Jamie’s last international appearance was in 2016 at the Championships in Drzonkow whilst Sarah is coming back into a full training and competition schedule after a long lay-off due to injury.

Their day started in the pool with a 6th place swim time of 1:59:22, a position they weren’t able to hold during their fence which saw them drop 2 places to finish their fence in 8th with Jamie unfortunately picking up a Red Card. However, the 8th place position doesn’t tell the whole story as Frici Foldes, PGB Performance Coach, was quick to point out “Jamie and Sarah had some really nice moments on the piste, with Jamie fencing well.  Sarah had a very good beginning which then ended really well when she scored 2 hits against the current Jnr European Champion, Irene Prampolini”.  Their final fencing score was 18V:22D with Jamie’s contribution being the lion share of 11V:9D

The show jumping was not without it’s dramas but fortunately, not for our pair.  The female Russian athlete Marilia Khamppu fell off as did Yarik Radziuk one of the Belarus riders but Jamie and Sarah had a good round with Jamie jumping clear and Sarah, frustratingly for her, just rolling a pole on the last fence.  This meant they jumped back up to 6th place with just 7 penalty points and were in good shape going into the laser run.

The Laser Run, disappointingly, didn’t turn out to be their best discipline of the day with the team achieving a time of 12:08:04 in very hot conditions.  Frici’s summary of the competition was that he and Mhairi (Spence) wanted to “…get them both safely through the competition whilst giving them both the experience they need competing at this level”. The team finished in 9th place and will be returning to home soil tomorrow knowing they gave it their all.

Posted in News, Events, Results, European Championships, Competition News, Performance news on Jul 01, 2017