Reporting and Managing Concerns

Sadly, incidents can and do occur. All members must note that there are clear prohibited practices identified in the various Codes of Conduct, which must not be breached. If there is a breach of the prohibited practice or codes of conduct, this should be reported. If you think you might be the victim of abusive behaviour, wish to report any abusive behaviour you may have witnessed or been told about, it is important and your duty to take action and report it with immediate effect.

For criminal acts contact the Police (999) and any other appropriate emergency services where urgent support is needed, including the local authority Children's Services Department to ensure the child is made safe. 

For breaches of Pentathlon GB policies and procedures contact the Club/Event or Regional Welfare Officer in the first instance or the Pentathlon GB Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead Officer (Dr Richard Cox) ( on 01928 733283 or 07985 854393. 

If a lack of response you could also try Childline on 0800 1111 or the NSPCC Helpline 0808800 5000. 

Your complaint will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and support provided whilst the matter is dealt with. 

For a more detailed description of how to respond to a disclosure of abuse made to you read this document and follow these flow charts: Responding to an allegation, Reporting a case.

If you are a child and have concerns about the way you are being treated click here and follow the advice or call one of the numbers above. 

All incidents reported will be taken seriously, acted upon immediately and managed within the Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.

The sequence of events/possible routes a complaint may follow is illustrated in this flowchart

For breaches of Pentathlon GB policies, you are asked to complete and submit the downloadable Incident Report Form so that we have a full report in writing. The sooner you do this the better in order to log the full and precise details. 

Pentathlon GB operates a Whistle Blowing Policy should anyone have concerns that their complaint will not be handled sensitively and in confidence or will have other negative consequences for them or their child. 

Pentathlon GB has an independent  Case Management Group which will be convened to address serious breaches of its policies and a process after which, having followed its course and found there is clear evidence of breaches, will be passed on to the Disciplinary Panel and Process for a final ruling. 

Pentathlon GB operates an Information Sharing Protocol common with many other Governing Bodies of Sport and agencies engaged in safeguarding in order to help prevent further offending.

Pentathlon GB also recognizes it has a duty to protect all those who work with young people from unfair accusation or suspicion by promoting good working practices and providing support.