Preventing Abuse

Pentathlon GB has a duty and is morally committed to safeguard all young people involved with Pentathlon GB from harm and will use its best endeavours to ensure their safety and protection through strict adherence to its safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures adopted by the Association.

To do this we have:

  1. Appointed a Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead Officer and a number of Regional/Club/Academy Welfare Officers.
  2. Devised a rigorous recruitment and training programme for its workforce
  3. Developed Risk Assessment templates, Codes of Conduct and Procedures for athletes, coaches, parents, club officials, etc.
  4. Developed strategic alliances with partners agencies and institutions.
  5. Written and distributed a wide range of awareness and information resources.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead Officer's role is to develop and embed safeguarding policy and procedures within the organisation. The role and responsibilities of this position are set out here. This work is overseen by the Development Steering Group and externally audited by the Child Protection in Sport Unit. The role and responsibilities of the Regional Welfare Officers can be found here.

Pentathlon GB has a rigorous selection and screening process for its workforce, including volunteers, which includes:

  • Adherence to its Equal Opportunity policy
  • Matching personal skills and competencies to roles in the job specification
  • Qualification checks
  • Screening of those 16 years of age and over working with children and vulnerable adults in Regulated Activity, via
    • Completion of a self-declaration form
    • DBS Barred List checks. This flow chart illustrates how Pentathlon GB assesses whether a position requires a DBS check and this document outlines how it is managed. Any disclosures will be Risk Assessed via an impartial process. Pentathlon GB has produced a brief guide to it's DBS requirements and a fuller guide to managing the disclosure process.
    • Obtaining references from previous employers
    • An induction process which includes a briefing on Pentathlon GB Equality, Child Protection policies and procedures, an assessment of their CP knowledge and identification of training needs, if appropriate.
    • Setting a probationary period of employment
  • A detailed guide to the appointment of staff (paid and volunteer) is available here

Pentathlon GB has a management process which includes:

  • Strict adherence to its Policies, Codes of Conduct and Procedures

Policies, codes of conduct, procedures and forms etc. pertaining to particular roles can be found under the following headings: children, parents, coaches, clubs. Risk Assessment safety templates can be found here.  Alternatively, a comprehensive list of Safeguarding documents can be found here.  For those wishing to read beyond Pentathlon GB’s policies and guidance additional literature can be found here and devoted websites here.