Information of potential interest to young athletes

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Pentathlon GB has produced the following documents specifically for children and young athletes.

1 Anti-Bullying Policy Pentathlon GB's attitude and reaction to bullying behaviour
2 Whistle Blowing Policy Pentathlon GB's policy to those wishing to make disclosures confidentially
3 Code of Conduct for Athletes Behaviour expected of athletes in Modern Pentathlon
4 Electronic Communications (including social networking) Electronic Communications (including social networking)
5 Guidance for Young Athletes Guidance for how to behave towards other athletes in Modern Pentathlon
6 Informed Consent Form Form to grant permission for one-to-one coaching where necessary

If you require any of the Pentathlon GB Safeguarding resources in another language (spoken or otherwise - sign, Braille, etc.), please contact the Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead Officer and we will endeavour, where deemed appropriate, to provide the resources in your chosen language.