Name : Claire WelfordClaire Welford
Where are you from?Beverley, East Yorkshire
Year of Birth1984
How and when did you get into Modern Pentathlon?I took part in my first taster day in October 2012 aged 30 at the Yorkshire Regional training centre at Bishop Burton after looking on line for local meetings.
What attracted you to Modern Pentathlon?I watched the Olympics and thought it looked interesting. Watching the show jumping with my friend we both exclaimed we could ride better than some of them and I said I'm going to try it and I don't think she believed me.
What was your previous Sporting background?I don't have one!

At school I ran 100/200m and did a few field events. I played hockey and netball for the region briefly but since leaving school I've been a quintessential couch potato with the odd riding lesson thrown in.
What do you enjoy about the sport?The variety of activities and the fact you have to be an all-rounder rather than specialize in one skill.
What is a personal achievement of yours in the sport?Highlight so far was getting personal best in swimming at the national tri in April 2013 at 3:25.00 not fast but I'd only started swimming front crawl in January 2013 and it was 12 seconds faster than the regional time.
What are your future goals or aspirations in the sport?To complete the Regional Pentathlon in October 2013.
What would you say to other people who may want to be involved in Modern Pentathlon?It is very daunting attending the sessions for the first time but the staff and athletes are very friendly, supportive and helpful. The sports are great fun and challenge the whole body and mind. It may seem a lot to take on but baby steps are the key.