How can Pentathlon GB help?

Pentathlon GB can help you develop your club irrespective of how many disciplines you wish to offer, or how established you are. Our experienced Development Team will be more than happy to help you to set up a new club or develop an existing one.

  • We offer a club membership system. Become a club member of Pentathlon GB – for more information click here.
  • Engage with competitions and events for your members through the calendar

Starting a New Club

If you are starting from scratch and want to set up a multi-disciplinary club there are many things to consider:

  • Venue - Can you find a cheap or free venue by working in partnership with a school or local authority?
  • Volunteers - Do you have a willing group of volunteers to form a committee to get the club up and running?
  • Provision - What disciplines can you provide? Coaches and equipment? Do you need to find or train new coaches? What equipment do you need?
  • Members - Do you have a starting catchment of potential participants? And what do they want from a club?

Single Discipline Clubs

If you are a single discipline club wanting to provide more diverse opportunities for your members, Pentathlon may be a great opportunity. We certainly know from our research that multi-sport and new experiences often retain members at club level for much longer. For example:

  • You may be a swimming club that wants to link in the fun competition with a difference that also gets your swimmers fitter – why not try competing in Biathlon or Biathle.
  • You may be a shooting club that wants to offer a different format or engage younger members – check out RUN SHOOT.

Developing a Multi-Discipline Club

You may already be a multi-disciplinary club offering modern pentathlon opportunities but want to develop even further. If you need help or advice with any of the below issues then Pentathlon GB will be able to help.

  • Increase membership
  • Attract and retain active and competing participants
  • Offer something new
  • Need more coaches and volunteers to provide for potential new members
  • Need to get more volunteers to run the club to avoid folding