Do you want to get involved and provide modern pentathlon related activities? We are keen to help clubs get started, expand their activities to provide multi-disciplinary sport or to simply develop into more welcoming clubs for potential members. We understand that clubs are at different points but we hope this part of the website is a good place to start to think about club development and engaging with Pentathlon GB.

Why get involved?

As a multi-discipline sport, modern pentathlon is an excellent challenge for both mind and body. By training in more than one discipline, athletes will be able to test themselves, improve their health and fitness and learn new skills, all whilst meeting new people and having fun at clubs and competitions around the country.

Our vision is to support clubs to work with individuals of all levels, making modern pentathlon a sport available for all. We will provide support for talented individuals aiming for selection but will aid you as a club in creating an effective platform for developing modern pentathlon.

As a member of Pentathlon GB you will have access to information from coaches, volunteer pools and the knowledge of our experienced and enthusiastic development officers who will help you to develop your club, guide you in running competitions and training sessions and support you in getting grant funding, amongst other things.

How can we get involved?

You can get involved whether you are a school or a club, irrespective of the number of pentathlon disciplines you would like to offer or already do!

As a club you can provide training in any or all of the pentathlon disciplines and compete in any competition from biathlon all the way through to the five discipline pentathlon. You and your members will have representation at these competitions, making you eligible for team prizes and qualification.

What can we take part in?

As well as your own club training sessions you will be able to develop links to other clubs in your area to provide more inclusive pentathlon opportunities for all of your members. In addition to this, as a member of Pentathlon GB you will be able to enter teams and individuals in competitions where they can represent your club.

To find out what's going on near you take a look at the training and competitions calendar.

Do we need to be a member?

Becoming a club member means you will have support from the Pentathlon GB team, as well as access to online resources and club insurance for all coaches and pentathlon related activities. You will also be eligible for championship representation.Our support ensures that you get the help and opportunities you need to make modern pentathlon a successful and accessible sport.

Who can get involved?

Any club or school can get involved. Pentathlon GB will be able to help if you are a new and developing club, an established club looking to run further competitions or a club just looking for competition representation. For more information on what we can do for you please see the developing your club tab.