Getting Involved

Modern pentathlon is an exciting multi-discipline sport, allowing you to challenge yourself while experiencing the exciting disciplines that make up the event. There are so many ways to get involved so read below to find out more!

As an athlete

We encourage competitors of all ages and abilities to participate and most of all to have fun. Many of our athletes and members come from a running or swimming background and others participate in a combination of the individual sports including the Pony Club triathlon (run, swim, shoot) and tetrathlon (run, swim, shoot, ride). It is very rare that an athlete comes to pentathlon with competence in all five sports, which is very encouraging to the new member because at every competition there will always be someone trying something for the first time!

Pentathlon GB can proudly boast of the warm welcome and helpful, friendly advice given by our existing members towards newcomers. The Pentathlon GB Regions plus many of our affiliated clubs have in-house training days and keep supplies of kit for new members to borrow or share. At every opportunity, the name of the game is to have a go.

We provide opportunities for you to train, socialise and compete from local through to international level and it doesn't matter what level of experience or ability you are, everyone is welcome to come and have a go!

Pentathlon GB organises competitions and events for just two disciplines, run and swim (modern biathlon and Biathle) to competitions involving all of the five modern pentathlon disciplines. Please visit the 'About our Sports' section to find out more, or the calendar to see the full range of competitions, training and camps currently on offer.

As a club

We have clubs and schools around the UK offering training from one to the five disciplines and ranging from representation at competitions to full support from our Development Team. Our club packages are flexible, great value for money with a wide range of benefits to suit you.

As a volunteer

Did you know that after qualifications and experience, volunteering is the third most important item employers and universities look for on a CV? With the Pentathlon GB volunteering programme you will learn a variety of skills such as leadership, organisation, problem solving and teamwork. There is also an opportunity to gain qualifications! For more information, look at our volunteering page or email us at

Our competitions and events would not exist without the support of our amazing army of volunteers that kindly give up their time to help. Volunteering is a great way to have fun, make friends and even learn new skills.

We need all sorts of people – from those who can staff the registration to those who have a bit more technical knowledge about the sport. Volunteer with us for the chance to support the next Olympic talent and help to ensure the success and growth of Pentathlon GB!

As a supporter

There are other ways in which you can support the sport.

If you've been involved in the sport as an athlete or coach in the past you could join us as an alumni member allowing you to stay involved in the sport that you love.

You could also come along and see what it's all about and cheer on the athletes at one of our competitions!

As a sponsor

There are many opportunities to get involved through sponsorship, allowing you an insight into the world of modern pentathlon. If you are interested in supporting or sponsoring Pentathlon GB then please contact the office on 01225 386808.